Web analytics for search engine traffic


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Search engine traffic ONLY

Only saves and displays traffic from search engines, simple and keeping everything else out.

Free keyword position on Google

Shows the position for keywords that bring you traffic from Google, live and for free.

Real time visitors

See in real time what visitors are doing on your website, and how they interact with it.


Each unique visit with its full history, not just numbers, so you know exactly what every visitor did on your website.

Keywords and Pages

All the keywords that bring traffic and all the entry pages where the user landed.

Detailed information

See what landing pages has a keyword and what keywords has a landing page.


Web analytics applications have too many buttons and features, we have fewer. Information is closer, at one or two clicks.

Sharing websites

Allows you to share one, or all your websites data with other users that have an account.

Multiple languages interface

The interface is translated to other languages based on the main public that uses the application.

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